Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A&S Pork Store

been a while due to my move to Williamsburg, so let me do a bunch of updates.

on my last day in Park Slope, I went to the A&S Pork Store for a chicken parm sandwich. I had been wanting to try A&S' chicken parm for ages, but it closes fairly early--it's a butcher shop, not a restaurant--so I was never able to. and with the recent information that it's closing soon, I made space to go.

while I was waiting for my sandwich to get made, I talked to the friendly guys behind the counter about the impending closure. it is happening, on Oct.1, because the landlord raised the rent astronomically..."We got a good name, but we don't exactly have lines going out the door," said the counter guy, waving his hand at the store (which was entirely empty except me).

really too bad, because the sandwich was really excellent. for 7 bucks, it was giant and piled high with mozzarella cheese and good sauce; the fried chicken cutlets were cooked perfectly and very flavorful (not like the Olive Garden a few days back); finally, the bread was great, big and thick and soft and--importantly--not toasted! I like it better untoasted and bready, so this was right up my alley. and for $1.50 more I got 2 homemade chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

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