Sunday, August 24, 2008

pizza at Priya's

at Priya's house, we made a very simple dinner to "use up" some of the heirloom tomatoes she got earlier in the week, and it turned out to be awesome, not just a user-upper at all!

we decided to make pizza, nothing else, no sides. very stripped down. crappy Pillsbury dough, smeared with olive oil. on one half, we liberally layered thinly-sliced red, green, and yellow heirloom tomatoes, threw on some minced garlic, and dotted it with fresh mozzarella. on the other half, we spread on some of the leftover filling from the spinach bread I'd made for my housewarming party a few days before--ground sausage, fennel, spinach, garlic, Parmesan. added some mozzarella cheese and that was it.

and oh so good! we watched Fitzcarraldo, which Priya'd never seen, as we ate. for dessert, Priya whipped up a super-simple bowl of fromage blanc (a nonfat yogurt-like cheese which I'd never had) with cut-up apricots and pluots atop.

really easy, not expensive, and so so good.

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