Sunday, August 10, 2008

Peter Luger steakhouse

taking advantage of the few days left before I returned to work, Priya and I went to Peter Luger Steakhouse for lunch to try out their much-touted Luger Burger.

the steakhouse is pretty close to my new apartment--only a 5ish minute walk away. when we arrived, we were seated in the back room that was mostly empty. as we ate, it filled up pretty well. Priya observed that there were basically three demographic groups who ate at Peter Luger: old-boy businessmen having a lunch meeting, Williamsburg hipsters, and tourists (generally Japanese). indeed, right next to us was the most stereotypically perfect group of old white finance guys digging into steak...

I would prefer my burger to be medium-rare, but we'd read alarming stuff online about how, because it was so thick, medium-rare burgers were sometimes flat-out raw in the middle. when it came time to order, I asked the waiter (who was pretty brusque and dismissive of us--clearly we weren't ordering the $75 steak plates) if it would still be pink inside if I ordered it medium, and he said of course. so I went with medium.

we entertained ourselves by eating onion bread and observing that the famous Peter Luger steak sauce was basically cocktail sauce made with barbecue sauce instead of ketchup.

when the burgers arrived, they looked pretty good, with big dark-cooked french fries alongside. I bit into mine to find that it was grey inside! still, it tasted pretty good, and the waiter was obviously not giving us the time of day, so I didn't send it back. I had ordered mine with cheese, and I dressed it with onion slices and Peter Luger steak sauce, and enjoyed it pretty well--the flavor of the beef was top-notch, despite it being a little drier than I would've liked. I'd say I prefer the Dumont burger more--it has better accoutrements, like the caramelized cippolini onion and pickles--and you don't have to pay $1.50 for cheese, and overall the bun + burger flavor seems a notch better, more buttery and delicious.

took photos of the inside of the burger to post, and you know what? they look pink in the picture! I swear it was not pink when we ate it. damn you color-correcting cameras.

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