Wednesday, August 6, 2008

M Shanghai

new to the neighbourhood and with dishes and food still packed, I was taken to a local Chinese place by Priya. M Shanghai is not too far from my new apartment--it's just a bit down Havemeyer--and it's not too expensive, so it was a perfect choice for move-in dinner. (unfortunately, it was very dim inside, so I couldn't get any good pictures).

we decided to split some inexpensive dishes. first, we got the pork soup dumplings (xiaolong bao). compared to the ones I've had many times in Chinatown from Joe's Shanghai, these tasted more "fast foody"--really salty and umami, not riddled with chunks of ginger and greens quite as much. I liked them a lot and will order them again here, but they were substantially different from more "Chinese" style ones (as opposed to M Shanghai's Americanized Chinese).

we then had green soy peas (edamame) with tofu sheets. this had a lot of mustard greens mixed in--I can only think that the dish has a lot of sugar in it, because it was very sweet overall and had none of the mustard green bitterness. it wasn't sticky or too sweet, though--quite good.

we also had Shanghai style lo mein with shrimp, pork, and chicken--huge, fat lo mein noodles with liberal amounts of meat mixed in. great taste, but the shrimp were pretty clearly of fairly low quality--not quite on the level of canned mini shrimp, but not far, either!

in the end, an inexpensive and tasty meal I'd have again in a moment.

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