Friday, August 8, 2008


so. One of Priya's favorite brunch places is a place not too far from my new apartment. because I've never been, we went to Egg for breakfast on Thursday morning. it was a good way for two people without jobs to beat the lines that form on weekends.

on a weekday at 9am, Egg was empty! maybe 1 or 2 other people at tables. we sat down, ordered quickly, got our food fairly quickly, etc. our waitress did appear to be stoned, but oh well.

I got a country ham biscuit with fig jam and Grafton cheddar, with Anson Mills grits on the side. Priya got eggs over easy, with cheese grits (Anson Mills plus Grafton cheddar), with a side of candied bacon and a broiled grapefruit with mint (a woman after my own heart--I was weighing ordering the grapefruit myself).

unfortunately my photograph of my ham biscuit and the grapefruit didn't save (stupid EnV!) (UPDATE: I was able to recover the photograph! see below) , so we'll have to make do with a pic of Priya's plate:

the food was pretty much all it's cracked up to be, I have to say. the country ham biscuit was super salty and had that "so smoked and salty it's almost fishy" taste I associate with the country ham we always bring back from trips down South (yeah, I know that sounds gross, but it's gooood). a huge piece of fat protruded from one side, and I didn't care, because I was that eager for the flavor. The sharp Grafton cheddar and the sweet fig jam (full of crunchy fig seeds) were great accoutrements, too, and really took the biscuit above being a simple "ham on a biscuit".

Also, I order grits whenever I can in an effort to like them, but dozens of grit orders (cheese, not cheese...) have failed to show me what's so special about them. I think, though, that I might be getting an idea with these. The grain is a lot bigger than the usual grits, and it seemed to actually have a subtle flavor, rather than being simply bland. I mixed some jam into mine and they were excellent; Priya's cheddar grits weren't just bland-plus-cheese, but tasty in their own right.

The broiled grapefruit with mint was familiar to me somehow...finally I figured it out. We'd made the same thing for Priya's birthday brunch eight months ago, and now I was seeing the source she'd nabbed the idea from. It had big grains of sugar broiled onto the top and was a little pulpier than raw grapefruit would have been, but was very good.

The candied bacon was raved about by Priya, and at first I thought it had an excellent texture--it seemed to have a thick scum of liquid sugar around every slice that I bit "through" before reaching the bacon inside. However, as I chewed, I thought that it was maybe a little dry inside, like bacon jerky a little. Priya defended it, explaining that it was candied, and baked, not fried; still, in some ways I like the big thick oily slab bacon at places like Brooklyn Label better. I'd get it again, though--by the time the meal was done, I was enjoying the texture.

Overall, the meal was pretty cheap! $25 or so for all that plus some coffee and juice. I guess that's a lot for breakfast, but it's a lot less than many other brunch places around, and the food was a lot better.

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