Sunday, August 24, 2008


my parents came down for dinner and to see my new apartment, so we went nearby to Dumont for dinner.

the evil blonde hostess who scolded our group so harshly last time was hostessing again, but she didn't get us any trouble this time. my dad was impressed by the decor (we sat out back and he thought it was just really pleasant). three of us ordered the Dumont Burger, while my mom got the roast chicken. for appetizers we split the beet/chevre, the Dumont salad, and a special cold beet soup. I slacked on picture-taking, but I did get a couple.

the beet/chevre was tasty, but I don't have much to say about it otherwise. it was good-quality goat cheese, roasted red beets, and some leafy stuff.

the Dumont salad was, of course, great. I know this is one of Priya's favourites, and with good reason: haricots vert, blue cheese, pecans, bacon, radish, and some greens. it's just a really good flavor combo, although I thought it was a bit skimpy on the haricots vert this time around.

the cold beet soup had creme fraiche in it, but I tried it nevertheless, and it was actually really pleasant--the creme made the dirty earthy flavor of the beets much milder, and I think even someone who didn't like beets would like it--yet it still retained an essential beetiness. kind of wish I'd tried Priya's cold borscht at Veselka a few months ago to compare.

my mom's roast chicken was fantastic--perfectly cooked, juicy, REALLY herby...roast chicken is kind of boring, I know (and I know I sound like my dad, who always refuses to order chicken at restaurants because of his dad thinking that "going out" meant "not having chicken, which is cheap and which we have every night", but still), but this was really worthwhile.

now, the burgers...I got mine with bacon and gruyere, while my dad and brother got cheddar and American. I ordered mine medium rare, while they got theirs medium. our food arrived and I bit into mine...totally gray inside. maybe the thick middle would be redder? I took a few more bites and no, still completely grey! not juicy at all! hearkened back to my experience at Peter Luger. seriously, though, at Luger I ordered it medium, so when it came med-well I could accept that. but here I wanted it med-rare, so to be TWO steps too cooked? I probably would've sucked it up anyway, but my mom and dad encouraged me to send it back, and I did.

the waitress didn't question me, just took it immediately, and said, "you know it'll be a while, right?" sure enough, my family was completely done eating by the time my burger arrived. I took one bite and juice squirted onto my pants. all right! while I was disappointed by the mistiming of the meal, the burger was excellent, and both the waitress AND some white guy--the chef? manager?--came by to check, very concerned, if the new one was ok. so unlike Luger, I'm not going to grade down Dumont for this--they clearly were concerned about the mistake and made it right, while at Luger I got the impression that they would've sniffed in my face if I'd complained.

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