Sunday, August 24, 2008

De Mole

with a little time on our hands, Priya and I went to brunch at a place in Woodside, Queens called De Mole--a little out-of-the-way Mexican place she'd read about somewhere on the internet and was dying to try.

we took a bus up Greenpoint Ave and arrived there within 20-25 minutes--not bad, considering Hopstop had frightened us with tales of 40-minute bus rides. it was indeed out of the way, and little, and pretty empty...but it was very nice inside, not at all crappy-looking, very charming! our waitress was also super-nice and attentive, and the menu was full of interesting-looking stuff...and cheap! everything we saw was half the price it would've been in Williamsburg, so we got a lot to try.

for drinks--lemonade and jamaica (hibiscus) juice. I think they were $1.50 each--again like half the price you'd expect. they were both delicious. the jamaica agua fresca had less pulp than the one we'd had at the Red Hook ballfields, but was still clearly made from the fruits, not a syrup.

Priya ordered off the menu--asked them to make her egg chilaquiles with red sauce--and I got huevos rancheros, and we asked them to bring those second after we'd had our appetizers, but somehow the chilaquiles got considered an appetizer and came out early, while the huevos was the last to arrive, well after we'd finished up everything else. oh well, no big deal.

to start, we got a corn fungus (huitlacoche) quesadilla and a goat barbacoa taco, as well as a $1.50 chicken tamale. I'd never had corn fungus before and I really enjoyed it--it was inky and black and stained everything and didn't taste at all mushroomy, but was really its own smutty thing. I could easily eat a burrito made of that, beans, and cheese. the goat barbacoa was also very good--not at all gamy, which I expected of goat (and didn't mind), but really "brown" flavored and dark and stewed to shreds. and the tamale was a little dry, but that's because it was seemingly fire-roasted, so I thought it was good nonetheless.

the chilaquiles was excellent--the red sauce was very spicy, and the soaked tortilla chips all mixed around with the soft eggs made for a great brunch. the huevos rancheros was also very simple but very good. the fresh salsa on the huevos had a delightful flavor. both of those dishes were served on kind of fancy plates, weirdly. the best part of all was the price--the huevos was $4! however, when the bill arrived, we found that the chilaquiles--off the menu, remember--was $9, double the price of anything else! I think that's because it was more comparable to the stuff on the dinner menu, not the brunch menu...Priya regretted not getting the chicken if they were going to charge 9 bucks.

overall the meal was fantastic, not crowded, very cheap, and well worth the trip to Woodside!

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