Sunday, August 24, 2008

Brooklyn Label brunch

Priya and I went to brunch at Brooklyn Label. hearing that they'd recently replaced their chef, we were interested to see how it had changed.

first off, I was disappointed to see that the pork stewed in green chile sauce was gone from the brunch menu--the "chile Colorado"! I'd wanted to order it. my next choice was the relatively new vegetarian red flannel hash (made with beets), but I was a little beeted out from Dumont, so I decided to break my "don't order sugary stuff at breakfast because you will always wish you got savory" rule and get the "Warsaw" challah French toast with pecan and cranberry butter. I also ordered a side of their delicious thick greasy bacon. Priya got a new item on the menu: a scramble with tomatoes and basil and aged white cheddar.

the scramble was simple, but very good; the French toast was excellent, and I didn't regret my decision (thick, perfectly fried, not too much syrup and so not too sweet, great texture from the eggy toast plus pecans...). however...the bacon? for four bucks, we got four slices of crappy, dried-out, decidedly NOT thick bacon (new feature: two chives laid across them). remember when I complained that Egg's caramelized bacon was not as good as the huge, thick, greasy, high-quality bacon at Brooklyn Label? I guess the chef has made a change, and I take it back. it sucked.

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