Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Beef Tendon at Yogee Noodle

To "celebrate" (aka lessen the sting of) the very first day back at school, my principal and AP took me, Abby, and the two new teachers to a local favourite for lunch. Yogee Noodle isn't especially superior in terms of food quality, but it hits a lot of targets: cheap, close by, fast (so you can order it during hectic lunch), and decent food quality.

since we'd missed the beef tendon at Spicy & Tasty, I'd been hankering to try it out, so I ordered the "beef tender with noodle" (clearly meant to be beef tendon).

when it arrived, I was kind of dubious. I had heard that the tendon was "very soft" and delicious, but damned if it didn't look like pieces of...well, tendon floating in the soup, ready to be gnawed on but never severed, to stick between my teeth, or, at best, be chewy like strips of fat...look and see!

also, huge chunks of daikon that had a faintly cabbagey aroma...

before I could even try it, Yvette requested a piece of tendon and declared it one of her favorite foods ever. so much high praise! okay, I figured--it had to be good.

and it was! it didn't have a texture remotely like it looks--not like chewy fat, not tough like tendons. I guess stewing it down changes it completely, so it's almost like tender meat pieces. and the flavor is amazing. you know how connective tissue cooks down and adds this super-umami, fatty, "coating" flavor to meats? well, this was ALL that flavor--so rich I couldn't actually finish every bite. pretty stunning lunch, and I get the impression that Yogee's was nothing special (the broth and noodles were only so-so).

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