Monday, July 14, 2008

Shrimp, pad thai, artichokes, mango salad

the Vaselines were playing at Southpaw, which is about 50 feet from my house, so Priya and I made dinner and hung around through the opening bands before walking over at 11pm to see the Vaselines themselves.

we made Greek-ish shrimp kebabs in the broiler ($8.80 for a pound of big, fresh shrimp in Chinatown) which we marinated in oregano, chili flakes, olive oil, garlic, and lemon, much as we'd had at my parents' house a little while ago...a little overly oreganoey, maybe, and under-chili-y, but still pretty good, even though we overbroiled them by perhaps one minute.

we also made pad thai from a box with broccoli. this was just the easy pasta dish on the side, and although we perhaps could have managed the rice noodles better, it was also pretty good. we used crushed cashews instead of peanuts. Priya did think that the sauce was a bit sweeter than usual and it could've been spicier, and I agree, but that's what sriracha is for!

Priya made green mango salad from the greenest mangos we could find (which were still a little too ripe in the middle) with fish sauce, lime juice, crushed cashews, etc. and despite the not-so-greenliness, it was lovely.

and we also made artichokes, boiled in lemony water and served with lemon butter. I love artichokes.

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