Thursday, July 24, 2008

Roma pizza

After hearing multiple times that some of the best pizza in NYC was just two blocks from me (and yet I'd never been there), I decided to hit Roma Pizza for lunch today.

I went at 3pm and it was still pretty crowded--I barely managed to snatch a table. It's a basic pizza shop, not some wood-grilled sit-down place like Franny's, and I was unimpressed at the sight of the facilities. however, as I looked at the slices they had laid out, I could tell that they were a cut above the regular pizzashop crap...

I ordered a margherita slice (with fresh tomatoes and basil and lots of fresh mozzarella) and a "grandma's pizza" slice (a square, thin slice). both were pretty crispy, not greasy, and extremely delicious. the grandma's slice especially--holy crap! the sauce was excellent, the flavor of the crust was superb, and the slices weren't greasy in the slightest. consider me a fan, I guess!

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