Thursday, July 24, 2008

Press 195 knish sandwich

This looks like a gross piece of crap, doesn't it?

It's a Press195 potato knish sandwich with hot roast beef, sweet onion jam, mustard, and cheddar. They slice the knish in half, make the sandwich, and then stick it in the sandwich press.

I've been to Press195 a few times but never gotten the knish sandwich, and a few months ago the New York Times published a piece on the best sandwiches in the city. The knish sandwich was on it, and I wanted to try it out before I left Park Slope.

It was homely, but it tasted far better than it looked! The potato gave it a strange quality that made it feel much larger and denser and more filling than it actually was. Mixed in with the potato flavor was the pitch-perfect combo of roast beef, mustard, and sweet onion jam. I think that flavor combo really made the sandwich, moreso than the knish. But the pressed-knishitude of the sandwich, with all that inside, is what made the gestalt: a greasy, deep-flavored, heavy sandwich. 8 bucks plus a buck in tax, but pretty worthwhile. it even came with a bag of Utz chips.

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