Sunday, July 13, 2008


in Ft. Greene to look at possible apartments, Priya and I met up with one of her friends in the neighbourhood and went to lunch at Pequena. as you might guess from its name, it's an extremely tiny Mexican restaurant (I think it had like six tables?). there were no other patrons most of the time we were there and two staff members milling around, but it didn't seem depressing or failing or anything--just bright and small and cute.

they had a lunch special menu and for $6.95 I got a pork torta with rice and beans--and for $1 extra they gave me guacamole (an ice-cream-scoop-sized bowl--a lot for a buck!) on the side.

now, the torta was delicious--the pork itself was flavorful, salted just right, not too smoky...I really enjoyed it. the beans and rice seemed good, too, but I was unable to enjoy them fully because of the huge blob of sour cream plopped into the center of the beans that I had to eat around (attempts to remove it by someone who shall not be named failed miserably and just spread it around).

however, the service seemed a bit confused at times. Priya didn't get her Coke until she asked for it twice (they realized they forgot, and apologized and whisked it out); also, she had a conversation with the waiter about whether the green mole or red mole was spicer, and went with the spicier green mole, but then when our food arrived it was red mole! again, they apologized, scolded the cook (the order ticket said green mole--we heard all this because like I said the restaurant is like 15'x15'), and eventually brought out the enchildas again, after we were almost done eating...

still, they were very nice, food was good, and I'd go back. maybe when I'm at BAM.

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