Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Olive Garden (really)

lazy Friday afternoon, a bunch of teachers (& Bill, who gets out at 1pm on Fridays) went to play pool at Slate, and then the ladies went shopping (sorry it's so stereotypical, but that's what they wanted to do!) and Prado, Bill, and I went to tour the Masonic Temple (tours were over). Failing that, we went to The Frying Pan, this bar-on-a-barge, and watched helicopters take off.

evening was approaching, and Bill made us an offer: if we would come to eat at the Olive Garden with him and Lauren, they would pay for our food. they'd gotten a $100 gift card, see, and wanted to burn it up. sure, we said. why not?

we got to the Olive Garden at 23rd and 6th at 6pm and there was a HUGE LINE and a 15-minute wait! for the Olive Garden! and presumably none of the people were getting free meals like us! Lauren had been waiting for us, though, so we sat down pretty swiftly (the restaurant is huge and maze-like, also, and completely full).

now, the crazy thing about the Olive Garden is that the entrees are all from $17.50-$26.00! so it's not even cheap! I know NYC prices are higher, but seriously, I can get a great Italian dinner from the place across the street from me for $11, and this crappy chain is charging $15.95 for spaghetti and meatballs?

well, they started us off with free samples of white Zinfandel. Bill and Lauren weren't that hungry and split some pomodoro pasta, and I got chicken parm with a side of spaghetti and a giant salad. Prado was eating later with his gf, so all he did was drink free wine and Dr. Pepper and then scooted.

now, the salad was clearly from a bag and kind of gross, and the chicken parm was kind of bland, but the pasta and sauce was pretty decent. if the whole meal was $9, I'd say it
was a solid, easy lunch. but our bill was $60 for really only two people eating! ah, well. I did save one chicken parm breast and they gave us three breadsticks to take home, so that was lunch the next day.

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