Monday, July 14, 2008

chicken curry & cauliflower

easy simple dinner, again I perverted Priya's chicken curry recipe and basically just threw together whatever I had and skipped a bunch of essential things I didn't have and ended up with a decent easy meal.

I also made cauliflower with black mustard seeds and urad dal. usually I put scallions in it too but I didn't have any! so again, I just made do. predictably, it wasn't quite as good as usual, but combined with the last of the mango chutney Priya gave me and some storebought garlic naan, I had a pretty good meal.

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bananaiguana said...

improvised chicken curry is the way to go. it never tastes quite the same twice, but as long as it's spicy and vaguely curry-esque, it works.

i once went as far as yoghurt and hot sauce (in addition to the regular ingredients).