Thursday, July 3, 2008

Brooklyn Label

Priya, Brina, and I went to Brooklyn Label for brunch. it was, as usual, pretty crowded, but we only had to wait five minutes or so for a table (probably because Brina arrived earlier, put our names in, and waited for an indeterminate amount of time. thanks Brina).

we debated various options, as usual--they seem to have some new things on the menu, such as a vegetarian red flannel hash made from beets (I regret not ordering that now. for some reason I wasn't in the mood--winter vegetables or somesuch thing. next time). I went with something I had had once before--biscuits and sausage gravy. it was delicious as usual, good sausage, good biscuits, but sadly the eggs were overcooked and not runny! disappointing.

Priya got another old standby, the belgian waffle--sweet, light, chewy, excellent again.

Brina ordered something I had seen on the menu several times but never ordered--green eggs, no ham. it was visually kind of stunning and tasted pretty good as well--I like the pesto and leaves of spinach (?) mixed in with the eggs along with provides a flavor that really comes together as a single, interesting thing, rather than just an omelette with spinach or something.

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