Monday, June 9, 2008

vegeta, I choose YOU

Friday night, new freshman orientation at my school...I didn't get to leave until 7pm and so missed the traditional happy hour festivities. it did give me the opportunity to meet a napping Bill and Lauren in Brooklyn for dinner, though--a nice treat instead of having to go to a restaurant in Manhattan. they were even kind enough to come to me!

Bogota was crowded, so we crossed the street and went to the lovely V-Spot. we sat out back in the garden and Lauren pointed out to me that I had indeed been there with them years ago, before I moved to Brooklyn. I had no memory of it, sadly.

I got a fake chicken parm sandwich and sweet potato fries. Lauren said that sweet potato fries were always too uncrispy for her and I disagreed--in my experience, they were often cut very small and were TOO crispy. however, upon arrival, she was right--large-cut and soggy. oh well, they tasted good.

the fake chicken parm was pretty delicious, although I think they gave me not-so-good soy cheese instead of real cheese. Lauren got a similar fried chicken cutlet with mushroom sauce that looked good, and Bill got a double-stacked veggie burger that did not look as good as the veggie burger my mom had at Alchemy a couple of weeks back. however, it was a really good meal, and I think I need to go there more often (Mia goes every week!).

the next day I travelled to CT en route to Boston and met my parents for lunch in New Haven. since the famed Louis' Lunch and a Cuban place we'd wanted to try were closed, we went to Claire's Corner Copia, a delicious vegetarian New Haven landmark where I hadn't been since I was in high school. inspired by my memories of Bill's burger the previous night, I got the veggie burger, California-style (guacamole and cheddar) and some goji berry iced tea. the burger was a but glutinous but delicious nonetheless--definitely would order again.

outside Claire's was selling lemony things at a "lemonade stand" for cancer research
, so I bought three lemon squares (two for Lisa and Dan, one for me). they were
very good because they were not overly sweet, just sort of lemony and mildly sweet. I forgot Lisa and Dan's gift at my parents' house, though, when Lisa came to pick me up for the trip to Boston. so my parents got a lemony treat.

in Boston, we went to Bill's 30th birthday party at his girlfriend Maureen's house. Maureen had gone all out and gotten it catered by Soulfire, a BBQ place that had recently opened on Harvard Ave next to Wonderbar. we had brisket, pulled pork, mac and cheese (with crumbled up bbq potato chips on top), greens, beans, cornbread....basically Bill's wet dream. I was pretty impressed by the quality of Boston BBQ--it was just about on par with the Texas BBQ we'd had while visiting Matt! we barely dented the food, though, and Maureen had many leftovers for the next day (which I envied her as I headed home on the bus Sunday with only a package of peanut butter crackers to keep my company...).

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