Friday, June 20, 2008

Super Taste Restaurant

today's Fuzhounese adventure was at Super Taste Restaurant, another Eldridge noodle shop (kind of across the street from Young City Fish Balls, and directly across from the place I plan to go on Monday, Sheng Wang). unlike Eastern Noodle, this place had a menu in English and the woman working the counter seemed to know some English.

again I got the beef noodles, in order to compare them with Eastern Noodle's. they swiftly arrived in a white plastic takeout bowl, not as nice as Eastern Noodle's!. same setup as Eastern Noodle (I guess all these Lanzhou noodle places are quite similar) with beef strips, bok choy, beef broth, and plenty of irregular, fresh-pulled noodles.

Wooh had said he thought the broth here was among the best of all, and it was indeed excellent. however, I think I liked Eastern Noodle's better--it was richer, browner, beefier somehow...I ended up adding some aged vinegar and chili oil to this one and I enjoyed the added heat, but the vinegar altered the flavor in a way that was pleasant and different, but not quite as good as without. $4.50 for the noodles, another 75c or so for a can of iced tea. (the beverage options at these places suck). I also have a vague, probably-unfounded impression that Eastern Noodle's noodles were better...fresher, I think.

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