Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sheng Wang beef noodles

so I rounded out my week of experimenting with various Eldridge-area noodle shops by going to Sheng Wang, again a 1 minute walk from my school.
as you can see, it's down stairs in a basement, and further blocked by construction. again, no menu, English or otherwise, as far as I could tell.

it was bigger than either of the other noodle shops inside, and quite crowded when I arrived around 1:15. I got the beef noodle, of course, in order to compare it to the other places' beef noodle soups.

unlike Eastern Noodle or Super Taste, Sheng Wang threw a fish ball into the soup. it was a great addition, and I liked it better than when I just had the fish balls soup at Young City. this fish ball was filled with pork, not beef, and the fishy and pork tastes went well with the beef broth and noodles.

Wooh had played up Sheng Wang's broth over Eastern Noodle's, and while it was good, I found it a lot less rich and tasty than Eastern Noodle. paler in color, as well. the noodles were fine, but bunched together a bit more than at the other places--not a sign of poor cooking, I don't think, but it makes me wonder. The beef was not quite as flavorful, either. Sheng Wang also added a lot of little chopped things to the broth--they seemed to be like brown celery and possibly bits of cabbage and/or mushroom? tasted woody and earthy, kind of like the cabbage soup with mushroom we make for Polish Christmas Eve (Wigilia). I did like that aspect, and also the fish ball addition, which makes it hard for me to judge this place as inferior to EN. but I think next time I want beef noodles I'll go to EN.

oh, and the guy next to me was definitely eating a grey beef penis.

$6 for the noodles and a bottle of green tea.

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