Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pio Pio Riko

Studio B was having a well-publicized barbecue featuring four chefs from famous restaurants (the flyers said things like "so-and-so, ex-Blue Hill" as if they were bands) that was $4 a plate, supposed to run from 7-10pm, so Priya and I went there to meet up with Katie and Lena for some nice food and beers on the roof deck.

well, at 7:30, as we were in line, word filtered out that they were out of food. what kind of amazing food did they run out of so quickly? regular hamburgers, apparently--not even any side dishes. as we were in line, a pack of employees arrived with grocery bags clearly stuffed with storebought hamburger buns and hamburgers. so I guess the "chefs" were just applying their name to the event, not cooking anything. great.

so instead we went to Pio Pio Riko, near Priya's home in Greenpoint. I used to get food from the Upper East Side Pio Pio and thought it was excellent, but I'm not quite sure this Pio Pio measures up.

we got a family-style meal for $18.95 that includes a whole chicken, fries, avocado salad, and rice and beans. we also ordered a pitcher of sangria and a side of maduros.

I have to say that while Pio Pio's chicken is usually fantastic, today it was kind of dry and overcooked! still pretty good but not like the usual deliciousness. I also remain disappointed with the Greenpoint location's avocado salad. on the UES they would stack it with paper-thin slices of carrots, celery, radish, cucumber, etc. and include a delicious oily viniagrette, but the Greenpoint location is basically just iceberg lettuce, cucumber, and avocado, with a cruet of oil and a cruet of vinegar on the table. lame. the maduros were great, though--pulpy like I like them, too bad for Priya who likes them crispy--and the sangria was really great, super sweet. they diced the fruit into very small cubes, though, so I was continually picking orange rind out of my mouth. but whatever, a decent meal.

however, they had the nerve to add the tip onto the bill. for 4 people! and it was only a $35 bill or so.

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