Monday, June 9, 2008


on the opening night of Sex and the City, I decided to sit out the movie and meet Priya and her friends later for dinner. we met late at Florent, an old French diner (favorite of the meatpacking district night crowd) that was, sadly, going out of business at the end of June after meatpacking douchebags caused the owners to raise the rent two bazillion percent.

though busy, we were seated relatively quickly. since it was approaching midnight and I had been hungry, I had actually eaten a Caesar salad a couple of hours earlier with Lauren & Bill at Scottadito, next to the co-op (we also had a few $3 rum punches). so I wasn't famished, but was hungry enough to get an order of original moules frites (passable, but nothing special...the moules frites at Jacques on the Upper East Side are much better and slightly cheaper!). for some reason the pictures looked yucky, but the photos of Priya's deep-fried chicken rollatini stuffed with cheese and mushrooms and spinach came out just fine. surprisingly, the chicken was a bit bland! not flavorful or salty enough, a little overly cheesy even...looks better than it tasted.

had a delicious apple tart thing for dessert and called it a night. the place was a bit pricey, but hey, it's done for now, so no use complaining. and it's a damn sight cheaper than the places surrounding it.

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