Wednesday, June 18, 2008

fathers' day bbq in ct

Priya and I went up to visit my parents in CT for a Sunday-afternoon BBQ for Fathers' Day. my mom said she and her siblings would take care of the entrees, and it was the kids' jobs to bring sides. so I made some French green lentils (carrot, celery, shallots cooked in bacon fat, simmered lentils added in, vinegar, spices, etc.) and medjool dates stuffed with goat cheese. they were both delicious! I think I should've put more goat cheese in each date, and usually I cook the lentils in chicken broth or even vegetable stock and this time I just used water, but nevertheless I was happy with them.

we also had Greek shrimp (the marinade of which was constructed by Priya and me, put to work by my mother when we arrives--fresh oregano from the garden, olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, etc.), pork tenderloin marinated in black tea (from my aunt), endive and gorgonzola salad (from my sister) and German potato salad (lovely, no mayo! also from my sister).

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