Saturday, June 28, 2008


After much discussion about the guy who prepares durians for you at the corner of Bowery and Grand, I was surprised on Thursday when Wooh returned from lunch and gave me a multi-pound container of pulpy durian fruit!

Apparently, he had stumbled into the place with some of the teachers he'd eaten lunch with, and they decided to try it out. I don't think any of them liked it, complaining about "rotten onions" and whatnot, and since Wooh knew I liked durian, he gave me the scraps (which was, like, 95% of the fruit). 8 bucks for a big container, not bad if you can share it, but a bit too much alone.

I see why people think the smell is strong, but I think it tastes like vanilla pudding sort of, a bit mangoey, not horrible like some say. Those people must have some kind of genetic difference that causes them to taste/smell it differently, like with the soapy cilantro folks.

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