Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Buddha Bodai

We finished grading our Regents exams and could afford the time for a slightly longer lunch, so a handful of teachers went to our favourite near-ish vegetarian joint: Buddha Bodai, on (I think) Mott street. The lovely Priya came from Greenpoint to join us.

Priya and I split my two favorite dishes there: the BBQ meat with cabbage and the General Tso's chicken. we also got spring rolls and brown rice.

the BBQ meat is an outstanding dish here, I think--it's amazing, delicious even for carnivores. Priya found it a bit too sweet ("it's like it should be desser") and Josette also opined that it was sweeter than usual. I thought it was still good, especially if it was dipped into the super-salty soy sauce mixture nearby.

the General Tso's chicken is never spicy enough for me, but still pretty delicious. the fake meat is not overly glutinous and is actually very well fried and good-tasting. I confess that half the reason I get it is because I have a craving for broccoli and it comes with a good quantity of crunchy florets.

oh, and on the way over what did we see? the Fung Wah bus crash!

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