Wednesday, May 21, 2008

xiao long bao & lucas

my parents came down to visit for the weekend and brought my little cousin Lucas. although Lucas is an extremely picky eater, he loves the xiao long bao (soup dumplings) at Joe's Shanghai. it infuriates his dad, because his dad is Italian and makes GREAT meatballs that Lucas refuses to eat, but he will eat the crappy Chinese meatballs inside the bao. oh well.

we got crab bao and pork bao, and jalapeno beef (a little weird, but not bad--distinctively jalapeno flavor!), and some fried rice and lo mein. the people next to us had some really delicious-looking stuff, like garlic eggplant and roast time we'll probably venture there.

the next morning we ate brunch at Alchemy. it's right near my house, but I've never tried it because it seemed a bit pricey. no pictures, sorry, but I got a $12 cheeseburger with thick-cut bacon on it that was excellent (rivalling Dumont). my dad got a specialty corned beef hash that was really just long, thin fibers of corned beef, very tasty, but I think the hash I made after St. Patrick's Day was better. Lucas got a simple version of the sweet Guinness pancakes and they were very good, perfectly browned, extremely light. and my mother got a house-made veggie burger which was also excellent, very carroty and celery-y patty...I would probably order that next time!

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