Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kayo Dot & Earth & Pakistani food

sometimes I go to shows at the Knitting Factory on weeknights. it's walkable from my work, so I stay there late and then get dinner en route, arriving in time for the opener, usually. traditionally I have eaten at the Pakistan Tea House, a little cabdriver place that Tim Byrnes (of Friendly Bears and Hazel-Rah fame) turned me on to some years back.

anyway, before Tuesday's Kayo Dot/Earth show, I met Karl there for a bite:

I almost always get the lamb (kind of fatty, really flavorful though), but today I went for the chicken makhani, with saag paneer and black chana on the side. also fresh naan. the guy is very mean (once we were asked to leave for being too loud) and the ambiance is nil (sit at a table with some cabdriver dudes and eat off styrofoam plates) but it is delicious.

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