Friday, May 2, 2008

dinner with priya, jenna, and rob

rob and jenna came over for dinner. the night before I made ginger-tamarind chickpeas (they ended up a little undercooked, but will only get better with reheating) and chicken curry according to priya's recipe. the day of I made spinach (cumin seeds browned in mustard oil, ginger/garlic/peppers added, then spinach and garam masala; very easy). I made everything extremely mild, but if I had made everything hotter I think it would have been very good.


Priya said...

you're too humble! as one of the lucky guests at dinner last night (who just devoured the leftovers my lovely boyfriend sent me home with), i can testify that EVERYTHING WAS AMAZING!!!

Jenna said...

i agree with priya. i'm sure that the not hot part was for me. and it was all soooo good! rob and i ate the leftovers last night... the only thing was that we couldn't eat the bread because the paper towel became one with it!