Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thursday, April 24th

we got a late start and started the day off by strolling through old montreal. ended up stopping for a quick late lunch (first meal of the day tho) at a little cafe called Creme de la Creme, where we got croque monsieuers. nothing special, but pretty decent, with very spicy mustard. biked all afternoon around the waterfront and got some maple syrup congealed on snow and wrapped around a stick as a snack on the way back. napped and woke up in time to make our 8:30 re-reservation at Montee du Lait. (our photos were poor due to the poor lighting, so I opted not to post them here...)

Montee du Lait had an offering of 4 choices, anything on the menu, for $44. (up from the $40 we had heard). we opted for that and picked out our eight dishes.

first, we had warm scallops with cucumber and parsley sauce, covered by a garlic cracker. it was simple but quite delicious, one of the best dishes of the night. we also had wild bass tartare with new Quebec green beans. again pretty good. it game with a garlic mousse of sorts and roasted red peppers.

then we had langoustine beignet and aspic, fried and breaded langoustines with a weird little cube of aspic next to them. they were pretty good.

the highlight of the night was suckling pig belly over white beans with mustard yogurt. the pig belly had a molasses crust that was insanely delicious, hard and crispy and a great contrast to the soft layers of falling-apart pork and fat. we also had a charcuterie sampler which included blood sausage soup in a shot glass (creamy, blended broth with a deep rich livery flavor that priya did not like at all, so I finished it), uncooked smoked bacon and parsley salad (great contrast between the salty cool pink bacon and the crisp of fresh parsley), and a ham croquette (which was greyish brown inside, like pork rather than ham, but REALLY delicious).

we chose to expend two of our selections on four cheeses:
1. Le Pizy (soft white one that we thought was the least good)
2. d'Iberville (stinky yellow cheese that was AWESOME coupled with the figs, mentioned below)
3. Monnoir (which we liked enough to buy some later to eat on the train home)
4. Bleu d'Elizabeth (it was good. for a blue. I don't really enjoy blues.)

they came with a simple side of stewed figs that was outstanding and really improved some of the cheeses.

finally, as our last course we selected a lemon parfait, so rich as to be almost like a cheesecake. it had candied lemon rind on top and a toasted meringue cloud on the plate next to it. it was absolutely delicious (priya was mad for it). we rounded out the night with a couple of beers at Reservoir with Simon.

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