Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Saturday, April 26th

our last day and...guess what...another late start! we took the metro up to the marche Jean-Talon, this ENORMOUS market in the northern part of the city. it was unbelievable--tons of fruits, meats, cheeses, whatever...we sampled some of the most delicious tomatoes I've had in a while, and also grapefruits and plums (bought some plums for the trip home)...we stopped in a cheese shop there, the Fromagerie Hamel, and samples cheeses for like half an hour, seeking illegal raw milk young cheese to take home. in the end we bought five cheeses we liked. we also bought bread for the trip home, and contemplated sausages, but decided against it.

we also bought a strange fruit I'd never seen, which I imagine everyone else has--an orange passionfruit? it looks completely different from the familiar purple wrinkly passionfruits, with a smooth, brittle (almost eggshell-like) orange skin...the seeds inside are not tart at all, either, but a bit like guanabana.

we wandered up to Schwartz's for a smoked-meat sandwich lunch. although the line looked intimidating, it actually moved pretty quickly, and soon we were at a table with four Turkish women. we decided to split a single sandwich (between priya and I, not with the Turks)

fries, classic smoked meat sandwich, halfsours, mayonnaise-free coleslaw, and black cherry sodas. of course we got medium fat, not lean (heard it was dry and horrible) and not fat (heard it was just ALL FAT).

it was so good that I actually ordered another one (but only ate half of it). I'd thought it was going to be just like Katz' pastrami, but it wasn't, really. first of all, you didn't get nearly as much as at Katz' (not a complaint, really...the sandwich was also literally half the price, 5 bucks as opposed to 10-13. and the texture was different, more oily and drier, it seemed; more corned-beef-like than pastrami-like, but with a much different flavor.

a couple of movies later, we were ready for dinner. we went to a little place called L'Express, a "classic French bistro" (we had ditched out on our 10:30 reservations, but didn't seem to need 'em now that it was nearly 2am...the place was not empty, but not even half-full). after our hearty day, we just wanted something lighter. so we got cokes, frisee with lardons salad, and octopus-lentil salad.

the frisee with lardons salad turned out to be NOT LITE AT ALL. of course it came with a poached egg, which is good, but it also came with craploads of cubed ham and emmenthal cheese, as well as TONS of lardons. good, but overwhelming.

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