Tuesday, April 22, 2008

quick dinner #1

I made a roast chicken for dinner several days ago, and it was only OK, so, faced with throwing the rest away or making myself eat it for dinner before it went bad, I decided to instead turn it into some sort of vaguely curryish thing. I brownfried a crapload of onions, added ginger and garlic and turmeric and red chilly powder, then some chopped-up tomatoes, and finally pieces of the chicken I'd pulled off the bone (along with a little butter). some water and cream, cooked it down a bit, added coriander leaves, and there you go (on the right side of the plate). it was kind of overly shredded, almost like a Caribbean curry, and it was only OK, definitely not the kind of thing I'd make for a guest, but a good dinner thing. I had it with scallions & cauliflower cooked with black mustard seeds and urad dal that I'd made a couple of days ago, and with a bowl of cut-up mango on the side with a little rose essence tossed in. that mango+rose thing was actually pretty good.

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