Friday, April 11, 2008

dinner last night (Thursday 4/10):

east: beef and sweet potato curry (using petit filet)
west: indian-style tamarind okra
south: mango chutney with ginger (made by priya)
north: paratha (fried from frozen raw dough)

I made the beef and okra simultaneously...took about 2 hours total (with 1.5 hours of simmer time during which I washed dishes and stuff). it was the first time I had tried either recipe, both modifications of julie sahni recipes.

overall they were both very good, except that the okra was incredibly oily (even though I had put in LESS oil than the recipe called for) and both were undersalted (I chronically undersalt stuff). no big deal.

I also got to freeze 2 servings of beef and 2 servings of okra for another day.

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