Monday, April 28, 2008

Wednesday, April 23rd

back from montreal, where there was much food to be had. some of it was disgustingly over the top, but it was wonderful nevertheless.

the train was scheduled to leave NYC at 8:15am and was not scheduled to arrive in Montreal until 7pm, so we packed a huge amount of food. priya made quinoa with dried cranberries, almonds, apples, curry powder, shallots, and mint; I brought some pickles from Guss' and some cashews, raisins, and chocolate chips; priya brought fried chicken from Whole Foods and hummus and carrots and also made pita chips and hard-boiled eggs. when we laid out our spread on the train, the people around us (who were eating squished microwaved hamburgers from the dining car) stared in a combination of naked greed and not a little incredulity.

we finished barely a quarter of the food, even though the train was delayed for 2.5hrs at Canadian customs, causing us to miss our 9:30 dinner reservation at La Montee de Lait. we didn't get to dinner until almost midnight, so where else to go except for La Banquise for latenight poutine?

Classic poutine and poutine with mergeuz, onions, bacon, and, I think, hotdog?

then to Casa del Popolo for unsweetened hot chocolate and a chocolate muffin. it was past 1am and, although we were wide awake, everything seemed to be shutting down! so we went home and to bed.

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